British Flora

BritishFlora are the leading provider of horticultural solutions to civil engineering problems encountered in major conservation, environmental, remediation, translocation and renewal schemes. Some of their case studies include salt marsh and maritime habitat creation, preventing severe river erosion and building a wetland environment between a road and river to prevent flooding. Experts in native plant propagation and crop production within diverse environments, BritishFlora produces over 5 million native wild flower and aquatic plants at its 50ha Nursery in the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside.

Garden Organic HDRA

Garden Organic is the working name of HDRA, the national charity for organic growing. For information and advice about organic gardening, farming, growing, research, organic projects, sustainable agriculture and other organic services please visit the website. There is a members service which allows direct horticultural enquiries and also other items of interest such as news, events and courses etc.

SCI Horticultural Group

Following the successful launch of SCI in February, the Group aims to provide career support for professionals as well as a forum for discussion and sharing of information on issues relevant to the full range of horticulturally related industries, public authorities, academics and other interested parties. They have been focusing on how to develop interest areas in all facets of horticulture including: International horticulture Global crop production systems including pre and post-harvest technology Food management, marketing and technology Landscape, plant use and design Amenity management Sports turf science and management Therapeutic and medicinal horticulture Natural environments Legislation and standardisation 'Clean', low-carbon technology Waste and water management Sustainability issues

H2O Group

H2O excel within the field of horticultural irrigation. We provide an unrivalled service by drawing from the years of experience of our Sales, Design, Installation, Engineering and Project Management staff. Backed by the latest in computer design technology, stringent quality control and management, we believe quite simply in Solutions by Design. There are many applications in the horticultural sector, from small Garden Centres to large Holding nurseries. H2O believe that no two systems should ever be the same. Horticultural systems need to be professionally designed to suit the application.