Apple Revival

Apple Revival has been set up primarily to sustain the survival of unique and rare old apple varieties. Apple Revival is a group of individuals with over 200 years collective experience in apple growing who have propagated 38 varieties, 18 of which are available to purchase as 1 year old maidens. The act of planting these trees in residential gardens will help in the revival of some of the rarest varieties and maintain them for future generations to enjoy. We attended a number of local shows in the autumn as well as Garden Organic at Ryton and RHS Hyde Hall where we had on display some of our rare apples with the opportunity to taste and purchase trees. We also undertake apple identification. Our selection of old English apple trees, grown on MM106 rootstock, are available mail order. Gift vouchers are available. Please send a first class stamp for a colour catalogue.

Newman Graham

Producers of seasonal bedding plants, hanging baskets, perennials for local authority work, markets, garden centres and shops.  We can grow in peat free compost at your request.