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Head of Gardens & Maintenance


About Us

Opened 12 years ago, Mercia Marina is a 74 acre site conveniently situated in South Derbyshire. In addition to the 24 acres of waterspace with space for up to 634 boats, we have 32 luxury lodges with space for more in the private area. In the public area we have shops, offices, restaurants and cafes. The gardens, grounds and maintenance is central to our operation and we place great emphasis on our planting. We have attained gold standard under the David Bellamy Conservation Award for the past 9 years.  Our grounds are not formal gardens but more like a park.

The following summarises the main responsibilities

RESPONSIBLE TO: Owners and General Manager

  • Manage, develop, and train staff
  • Advise on external training required
  • Advise on team numbers required
  • Be responsible for the day to day management and monitoring of the gardens and maintenance team including routine staff monitoring, timekeeping and setting objectives
  • Ensure that all work carried out by the team is carried out safely and complies with H&S legislation and Mercia Marina H&S Policy
  • Monitor performance against schedules
  • Check daily the repair log and arrange/undertake repairs as required
  • Be proactive in identifying areas where gardens and maintenance can be improved or where current working practices can be reviewed
  • Ensure site safety is maintained through regular inspection of above ground infrastructure
  • Programme & plan gardens/landscape/maintenance improvements in conjunction with owner/General Manager and landscape consultant, to include designs and plant/material requirements
  • Plan and schedule seasonal maintenance to include lawn areas, shrubs, borders, planters/hanging baskets/hedges/ trees & weed control
  • Liaise with owners/General Manager and landscape consultant on new and replacement planting, seasonal bedding plants & other horticultural materials as required
  • Liaise with owners/General Manager and landscape consultant on new and replacement equipment including tractors and other mechanical equipment
  • Be responsible for carrying out or arranging maintenance/repair/replacement of equipment
  • Be responsible for safe use and return to store of all tools
  • Compile list of any new/replacement tools and PPE required
  • Ensure site is kept clean and litter free through ongoing litter picking and emptying of bins
  • Ensure weekly collection of site rubbish and cleanliness of bin stores
  • Supervise/direct team to co-operate with external contractors for works on site
  • Supervise/direct team and external contractors in maintenance of ditches, ponds, drains and pumping stations
  • Supervise/direct team in estate maintenance tasks such as installation and repair of fences, pontoons, jetties, painting, erecting signage, etc
  • Supervise/direct team/outside contractors in installation of like for like electrical equipment and simple repair of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Supervise/direct team to clearing and control of ice and snow to ensure pathways are safe
  • Supervise/direct team in preparing for and clearing away after events
  • Advise on team development and resources/numbers required
Other Points

Flexibility required covering weekend duties on rotation.

Flexibility required in terms of early starts/weekend working where necessary in the event of ice/snow/drought.

Observe requirement for safe working practices to comply with Health and Safety legislation.

An option to live onsite can be discussed.


The hours of work are 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday with occasional weekend work on rotation.

Please apply with a CV to