Mark Read

Recruitment Consultant

How long have you worked for Horticruitment/English Country Gardeners?

Since December 2016

What was your previous job?

Arboricultural Consultant / Tree Health Specialist

How did you get into horticulture?

I worked in gardening and arboriculture, then studied Biology and Arboriculture at University before becoming an Arboricultural Consultant, predominantly in New Zealand.

Why did you decide to become a recruitment consultant for Horticruitment/English Country Gardeners?

Talking to people was always an enjoyable part of my job as an Arboricultural consultant. Once I’d returned to the UK, this was an opportunity to work directly with people on a full time basis whilst utilising my industry knowledge in a new and challenging environment.

What was your greatest achievement whilst working in the horticultural industry?

Developing and implementing health management strategies for over 50 of Auckland’s heritage tree sites, and turning the role into a full time job for myself at New Zealand’s most established Arboricultural consultancy.

What one word would you use to describe Horticruitment/English Country Gardeners?